Loan Options

When we talk about purchading our own house, we need to get external monetary help, which is called LOAN. In general scenario, buyers tend to use the Formal Loan Options from the Nationalized or Private Sectors banks.

Opting for loan sometines get tricky as there are numbers of documents that are required and Loan can not section loans if all docunents are not available.

In the field of "Affordable Housing", this becomes even more problematic. With or without documents, when we are purchasing own house, we need a loan.

FORMAL LOAN (Click to Read)

Formal Loan is the general and regular way of opting the loan, where based on your income proof, banks offer you loan.

Provided by

HDFC, AXIS, GRUH, Other PSU / Government banks

Average interest rates

9.60-11.5% depending on client profile

Documents needed

Salary slip, PF, Form16, ITR, Normal KYC, latest 6 months bank statement

INFORMAL LOAN (Click to Read)

Informal loans are for those customers that do not have all the documents (without income proof documents).

Provided by

MHFC, HFFC, Muthoot

Average interest rates


Documents needed

Bank statement, Normal KYC, rent agreement, physical visit (from finance company to the place where the client is working for verification of his income).

About Us

Design Build Serve (DBS) - incorporated in August 2009 , has been working to establish an efficient, viable, and transparent system for large – scale mass production of houses that are affordable and financed through savings and credit systems accessible to the lower income segments of the population.
At DBS we ‘Design’ and ‘Build’ to ‘Serve’ the people.

Customer Reviews

Thank You DBS !
We have been shifting to different rented homes every 11 months. Thanks to DBS we are now proud owner of our own home.
- Mr. Raghu (Ahmedabad)

Happy to be with UMANG !
We couldn't believe we can have our own house in Ahmedabad in such affordable price. Thank you UMANG ..
- Mr. Pradip (Ahmedabad)

Home for a Tea Seller
I have tried for Govt Houses but had no luck, DBS provided a home to a tea seller at even lower rates than Govt schemes.
- Mr. Anil (Surat)

News and Updates

3 Feb, 2016

Book written by Mr. Sanjay Shah and Mr. Naman Shrivastava, launched by Maharashtra C.M. Mr. Devendra Fadnavis