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1000 Days

In Gujarat, there is saying that “If start-ups survive the first 1000 days, they will survive through” complemented by the belief that “the test of future success of a business is its survival in the first 1000 days”. DBS Affordable Home Strategy Limited, also known as DBS Communities, which has been launched with the dream of revolutionizing the housing industry within a decade, crossed this milestone of 1000 days in May 2012. The DBS Team is confident that the lessons learnt and actions taken over the past 1000 days have contributed substantially to strengthening the organisation and the processes, systems and approaches for increasing the supply and access to affordable housing.

2000 Days

On completion of 2000 Days, besides acting on the lessons and directions identified to date, DBS Communities will be working towards actualising its vision and mission together with its team experts. The DBS Team is poised to take actions for accessing formal financial institutions for project financing, tie-ups with investors and land owners, expanding reach to other parts of Gujarat etc.


The release of the City Development Plan 2021 by Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA), especially the components related to affordable housing, has been an exciting development for those involved in the construction of affordable housing. So this Be.Cause Event was launched to prepare team DBS and Partners to understand challenges and approach & process for the same.

Impact Study

The six case-studies and the findings from the DBS commissioned preliminary impact assessment study highlight how families that had not believed that they could ever own their own formal sector house got the opportunity of purchasing one in the ‘affordable’ Umang schemes. The purchase of a formal home means a lot more to these families than security of shelter. It also provides a huge social boost amongst their families and peers. Ownership of the house brings up the opportunity of creating a ‘beautiful’ home, and positively envisioning the family’s future and way-of-living.

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Griha Pravesh

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About Us

Design Build Serve (DBS) - incorporated in August 2009 , has been working to establish an efficient, viable, and transparent system for large – scale mass production of houses that are affordable and financed through savings and credit systems accessible to the lower income segments of the population.
At DBS we ‘Design’ and ‘Build’ to ‘Serve’ the people.

Customer Reviews

Thank You DBS !
We have been shifting to different rented homes every 11 months. Thanks to DBS we are now proud owner of our own home.
- Mr. Raghu (Ahmedabad)

Happy to be with UMANG !
We couldn't believe we can have our own house in Ahmedabad in such affordable price. Thank you UMANG ..
- Mr. Pradip (Ahmedabad)

Home for a Tea Seller
I have tried for Govt Houses but had no luck, DBS provided a home to a tea seller at even lower rates than Govt schemes.
- Mr. Anil (Surat)

News and Updates

3 Feb, 2016

Book written by Mr. Sanjay Shah and Mr. Naman Shrivastava, launched by Maharashtra C.M. Mr. Devendra Fadnavis