Although the affordable housing market is tough, there is no dearth of dedicated individuals who have held on against great odds. DBS Affordable Home Strategy Limited is led by a team of practitioners and professionals who come from diverse backgrounds – finance, architecture and management. Their level of commitment in serving the lower income segment is both an inspiration as well as a benchmark. The name of the company derives strength from three essential components of affordable housing construction.

Sanjay Shah - Real Estate Developer & Architect

Sanjay started his career as a real estate developer in Ahmedabad in the mid-nineties. Way ahead of the market at that time, he conceived and built a successful series of fully furnished and moderately priced apartments under the brand name Nandanvan. In the process, Sanjay innovated on cost control as well as pricing, and his company became one of the first few in Ahmedabad to develop effective quality management systems. Since 2005, Sanjay has also been involved in a construction business in Dubai where one of the specialized areas of work that he has been dealing with, is workforce housing. This experience reinforced his earlier interest in low income housing.

Sanjay believes in the viability of a market based approach to community housing. He brings his vision, his capabilities as a strategist, and pragmatism to every aspect of DBS’s functioning and project concepts and ideas based on his many years of ground experience,. He believes in challenging himself and others and his involvement brings rigor to processes in the organization. He focuses on strategic positioning of DBS Communities in the real estate market, on the company's internal systems, and on strategies for procurement of land, construction and marketing.

"I have always been inspired by traditional and informal finance systems which are built entirely on relationships of trust. I want DBS Communities to extract the essence of these traditional models and cast them into a system that is both humanitarian and viable, and use it to create liveable and affordable community housing."

Rajesh Krishnan – Founder and CEO, BrickEagle

Rajesh Krishnan is the Chairman of Brick Eagle Group, a financial services platform focused on affordable housing in India. Rajesh founded Brick Eagle four years back with a vision to deliver one million affordable homes by 2030. What started as a land banking company has transformed into an affordable housing ecosystem under his leadership. Brick Eagle has incubated 4 low cost housing developers and six service providers in the housing value chain. Today the Group manages over 1250 acres of lands, which when fully developed will house 88,000 families.

Rajesh started his career with Schlumberger Oilfield Services as Drilling Services Manager. He then pursued an investment banking career with Lehman Brothers, Nomura and concluded his banking career with Standard Chartered Bank as Regional Head (South Asia), Structured Solutions Group. Rajesh holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi and an MBA in Finance from Wharton School.

Rajendra Joshi -Social Entrepreneur & Founder Trustee, SAATH

Rajendra Joshi, a social entrepreneur, has been involved in development work with the urban and rural poor in India through Saath - an NGO he founded in 1989. His experience in development and social entrepreneurship has made a great impact in the low income communities and slums of Gujarat, and other Indian states. Working in cooperation with several government, academic and nongovernmental organisations and institutions, he has made several interventions to improve the life of those at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

By using market-based strategies to create inclusive societies in both poor urban and rural communities, he has strategized, planned and facilitated interventions in public health, education, livelihoods, infrastructure and basic services, microcredit, natural resource management, institution building, organisation development, public policy, conflict resolution and disaster management. As a Director of DBS Affordable Home Strategy Ltd., Rajendra brings to the enterprise his in depth understanding of community development and in particular, the areas of livelihood, microfinance and housing affordability.

"I am convinced that the quality of life of the urban poor will improve when they are approached as a significant market. For housing, the need is to create a sustainable market ecosystem for this segment. At DBS, we want to demonstrate that the cost and design of houses, lower income group housing finance and community development are complementary enablers for affordable homes in Gujarat and India"

Sudarshan Iyengar -Director, DBS

Sudarshan is an accomplished finance professional with over two decades of experience in retail finance, which includes housing, auto and consumer finance. He has held leadership positions in well-known financial institutes such as Future Group, Citi group, Sumitomo Corporation and GRUH. His passion to social affordable housing makes him an important part of the core team at DBS, His desire is to help change the socio-economic status for Base of Pyramid clients by facilitating low income housing finance thru HFC's. Mr Sudarshan has been instrumental in the implementations of the business plans at DBS right from the start along with the operational policies of the company.

"I firmly believe that a Customer is the nucleaous of any business. At DBS I want to keep them centric and ensure they get the best Service as an outcome of all our policies and procedures. At DBS we attempt to have the best transparency and compassion towards the Urban Poor client along with making them feel valued at all times".

Jignesh Shah - Information Technology Advisor, DBS

Jignesh is an accomplished Software & IT Entrepreneur with an experience nearing 2 decades. He is part of DBS Core Team and is driving in creating and establishing our E-Commerce Platform for our upcoming Business Model.

Sakti Prasad Ghosh - Ex. Executive Director (National Housing Bank)

Sakti Prasad Ghosh has a service career spanning over three and a half decades. The journey started as a Probation Officer (Class I) in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and ended with him retiring on superannuation as Executive Director, National Housing Bank (Reserve Bank of India). During this period Ghosh was placed on deputation, twice with Unit Trust of India (UTI), and to National Agricultural Bank for Rural Development (NABARD) and National Housing Bank (NHB) during their formative years.

The long career with RBI has provided him understanding of macro-economic dynamics, functional aspects of Central Bank and Development of Financial Institutions. On superannuation, engagement with Asian Development Bank (ADB) as Management Specialist-cum-Staff Consultant has provided an understanding of working with multilateral institutions. Concurrently, association with CitiBank as Consultant has provided understanding of business strategies of financial services institutions. Currently, Ghosh is on the advisory and board level of various Infrastructure and Housing Development companies and Housing Finance Institutions. Mr. S.P. Ghosh has given credibility to the efforts of DBS from the very beginning.

“Urban India has just begun its journey of transformation. It is important that this transformation should start with the people who actually build our cities. It is my vision that DBS Communities will participate in building the foundations of a truly egalitarian society.”

Manish Solanki – Nominee Director

Manish has 19 years of Financial Management, Management Accounting and Commercial Administration experience across industries especially Malls, Real Estate & Hotels.

He holds a B.Com from Mumbai University and is a qualified Chartered Accountant At brick Eagle, Manish is responsible for Accounts, Budgeting, MIS, Working Capital Management and Financial Administration of the developer companies.

Kirti Timmanagoudar – Nominee Director

Kirti heads strategic business initiatives for the group and her current focus area is to set up the Social Housing practice. Kirti brings 13 years of experience in equity research and management consulting. She previously worked as Head of Financial Institutional Practice with Frost & Sullivan. She has extensively worked with Indian and global private equity clients assisting them in target identification and due diligence assignments. Kirti is a B.Com graduate and holds an MBA from T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal (TAPMI).

About Us

Design Build Serve (DBS) - incorporated in August 2009 , has been working to establish an efficient, viable, and transparent system for large – scale mass production of houses that are affordable and financed through savings and credit systems accessible to the lower income segments of the population.
At DBS we ‘Design’ and ‘Build’ to ‘Serve’ the people.

Customer Reviews

Thank You DBS !
We have been shifting to different rented homes every 11 months. Thanks to DBS we are now proud owner of our own home.
- Mr. Raghu (Ahmedabad)

Happy to be with UMANG !
We couldn't believe we can have our own house in Ahmedabad in such affordable price. Thank you UMANG ..
- Mr. Pradip (Ahmedabad)

Home for a Tea Seller
I have tried for Govt Houses but had no luck, DBS provided a home to a tea seller at even lower rates than Govt schemes.
- Mr. Anil (Surat)

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3 Feb, 2016

Book written by Mr. Sanjay Shah and Mr. Naman Shrivastava, launched by Maharashtra C.M. Mr. Devendra Fadnavis